Take the opportunity to grow your business or career in 2022.

Why learn new skills? 

We all know learning and developing skills helps you in professional life. However there are many mind and body benefits too. 

It increases your motivation. Giving you energy and a purpose to get out of bed.

It boosts confidence. As you start to achieve your goal, you feel more empowered. 

It reduces boredom. Doing something new requires more effort and thought. 

It gives you a positive mindset. Knowing you are capable of change and growth will reduce your fears and negative thoughts. 

If you’re asking yourself “why am I not growing?”, it’s because you’re stuck in a comfort zone, feeling safe and holding yourself back. 

It’s time to gather your courage and change your experiences. 

Give yourself time to create achievable and specific goals.

The first step is writing them down, seeing them visually in front of you will help focus your mind. 

Then it’s time to research how to go about achieving these goals. 

Make a plan , so you know what you need to do to get where you want to be. 

Lean on family, friends and colleagues for support. 

Remember less is more, it’s more important to reach and complete fewer goals than overdo yourself and not complete any. 

We know how overwhelming change can be, our team can help you with any questions or advice you may need before you make that step. 

Please contact a member of our team on, 01244 344 322 or enquiries@richmondtraining.org 

So where to start? We offer… 

Apprenticeships – Care, Business and Education Sectors.

NCFE Qualifications – Health and Social Care.

QA First Aid Qualifications

Online Courses – Health and Social Care, Business Skills, Health and Safety.  

Be a Lifelong Learner with Richmond Training Academy. 

Our Mission

Richmond Training is committed to the development of skills knowledge and behaviours in our learners and our staff.
We recognise and encourage equality, diversity , integrity in all aspects of our business.
Richmond training Skills Coaches are; Never Above You, Never Below You, We Are Always Beside You On Your Learner Journey.