Apprenticeships Explained

Apprenticeships ExplainedStep 1. Before you begin…

What exactly is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a high quality, work-based training programme for people who want to develop their career.

What this means, alongside your job you will receive high quality training specifically tailored to suit your job role within your company and the industry that you are working in.

But what it also gives you is the skills and knowledge to be able to develop and progress your career.

There are many types of Apprenticeships you can do in a range of industries and Richmond Training offers Apprenticeships in multiple areas.

Apprenticeships ExplainedHow to find an Apprenticeship

Did you know you can find your own Apprenticeship? as you have a job and are working in the industry you want to do an apprenticeship in then you can start.
However, finding a job can be hard, so we have put together a guide about how to find a job; from sending out CVs and writing letters to using Apprenticeship Vacancies.

Apprenticeships ExplainedWhat’s Apprenticeship Vacancies?

Apprenticeships Vacancies is an online tool for anybody wishing for information on apprenticeships. You will be able to search and apply for apprenticeships advertised by a whole range of employers throughout the UK.
Unsure how to use Apprenticeship Vacancies? Don’t worry, we have developed a guide to Apprenticeship Vacancies. Complete our Registration of Interest form and we will email you an Apprenticeship Vacancy alert.

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Who can do an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16 and over, living in England or Wales and not taking part in full-time education.
Entry requirements are flexible because Apprenticeships aren’t just based on academic achievement, practical skills count in the area of work you’ve chosen because employers value dedication to work and keenness to learn.

Step 2. You’ve found a job, now what?

Starting your Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships ExplainedOnce you have gained employment within the industry you want to complete your Apprenticeship in contract Richmond Training.
Richmond Training will assign you a dedicated Training Adviser who will contact your employer and together they will devise a structured learning plan for you. Your Training Adviser will help you gain knowledge and understanding in your chosen area, fully support you throughout your programme as well as protect your interests.
Your Training Adviser will support you in the workplace, visiting you regularly on a one-to-one basis.

Completing an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships ExplainedAn Apprenticeship is made up from:

• An NVQ or QCF
• A Technical Certificate (although some Apprenticeships do not have one)
• Key Skills or Functional Skills

Your NVQ or QCF portfolio is like a work diary, it records your activities and experiences. Your portfolio is assessed to make sure you are competent. Your work will be assessed at your place of work.

The Technical Certificate is theory based and links into some of the things you need to do in your NVQ.

Key Skills or Functional Skills are similar to GCSEs however learning is focused around your industry and job role. Types of Key Skills or Functional Skills that you might have to complete are:

• Application of Number (similar to Maths)
• Communication (similar to English)

Apprenticeships ExplainedStep 3. Get Started

Interested in starting an Apprenticeship?

Complete our application form and send in and we will keep you up to date with all of our Apprenticeship Vacancies.

Already employed?

If you are already employed, then your first step to an Apprenticeship is complete! So what do you need to do? Well this bit’s easy, you can either complete form and email in of call us on

Employers, interested in starting your staff on an Apprenticeship?

Contact a member of our team on 01244 344322 or call into Richmond Training Office;
Richmond Place 125 Boughton Chester CH3 5BH.


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